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Granny I'd Like To Fuck

11/11/2021 GILF Tier List

GILFs are women of Granny age who you want to have sexual relations with, usually GILFs are from Pop Culture and Media. The idea was broadened by TheRedScot who came up with guidelines and a tier list for GILFs.

What Are GILFs? GILFs are your older women at Grandmother Age, or have Grandmother energy. Some Notable GILFs are Queen Elisabeth II, Blanche from Golden Girls, Huci from Golden Kamuy.

Very rarely do you go for a GILF because of her looks, when chasing a silver fox you look for someone who is loving and caring and will feed you a nice meal when you are down. Top tier GILFs will treat everyone like her grandchildren, even people she just met, always ready to comfort you and nurse you back to health when sick.

Bottom Tier GILFs lie, trick, and abuse others. They carry none of the aspects that you wish to see in a Grandmother. A notable bottom tier GILF is Yzma from Emperor's New Groove, she attempts to kill her bratty surrogate grand child Cusco, where a top tier GILF would work to better Cusco, through grandmotherly love.

Benefits of GILFS

Usually they are post menopause, soooooo

Great food, what Grandma can't cook

Sometimes they don't have teeth ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

They might have a will to put you in

A Grandma's love in Unconditional