Battle of Jötunheimr

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The Battle of Jötunheimr was a brief 'conflict' between the Ex-Civ Discord Server of Jötunheimr and the Reconstruction Era Discord Server. It lasted from around 22:07 Eastern Standard Time to around 02:30 Eastern Standard Time ending with two members of Reconstruction Era being banned and three members of Reconstruction Era being muted.

Background of the Conflict[edit]

1234fireball was invited to the Jötunheimr by StrawberryCrisis around the September of 2021, with the server consisting of ex-civilization minecraft server players. The people present on the server (for the most part) appeared to already have a low opinion of Fireball viewing him as the same person they played on CivEx 1.0 and TheRealmsMC 2.0 with. This lead to some low level tension in the community with Fireball continually inviting more and more Reconstruction Era members onto the server. This lead to the Reconstruction Era Colonization Project where Reconstruction Era Members would join the community, talk in a channel (without the plan to derail) and for some reason gain a monopoly on the conversation.

Start of the Conflict[edit]

The start of direct conflict is when Youta and Fireball began posting images of Seth Macfarlane in the Jötunheimr Porn Channel, this was done because of a brief conversation between the two about Family Guy. This evolved into Fireball posting edited porn of Seth Macfarlane and Family Guy/American Dad Porn Parodies. This was only the start of the slog that became the trenches of that was the NSFW Channel on Jötunheimr. The channel slowly devolved into Bionicleposting after the posting of some lewd images of Bionicles (including an attempt of a model of Penis, Vagina, and Ovaries) this lead to an administrator MudkipGuy to remove the posting rights of Youta, Antea, TheRedScot and Fireball, with Fireball eventually gaining his rights back and using the posting of Male-Pregnancy NSFW images to get the rights of Youta back.

Before his muting TheRedScot joined in the the posting of Venture Bros Porn which was very low quality, with the message being spammed "Go Team Venture!" by all participants in an attempt to get rights back to all involved. The large question of everyone involved was the lack of administrative response outside of a stopping of posting images in one single channel. Antea ended up making it a personal goal to get banned by the staff which they seemed resistant to do.

Arrival of Detective and Discord Criminal Director Fynn Muller[edit]

Detective Fynn Muller arrived to the Jötunheimr with the intent to larp which lead to issues where some of the administration thought it was not a 'good idea' to role play as members of the Nazi Security Bureaus. This led to some goofy shit where people started assuming the members of Reconstruction Era where nazis among other things. This eventually concluded with a large amounts of mutes and bans being given out and the end of conflict.