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1942rp: Where dreams go to die.

Typhon Networks or simply Typhon was a crummy Garry's Mod server. It was a nutscript roleplay set in Nazi Germany during World War 2 and mysteriously ended up replicating fascist social dynamics. ReEra is partially involved in its collapse. To the bitter end, Typhon remained a nest of wehraboos, doxxers, and genuine neo-nazis.

Typhon Players

Average Typhon Interaction

Typhon players are hard to describe without multiple ableist slurs and descriptions of common vermin. However it is easy to characterize the average Typhon player as essentially a caveman in a Holocaust-era Nazi uniform. Below is a list of notable players and the server factions they mostly played in, along with their 'activity' on the server.

Player Faction Nuremburg Charges
1234fireball NSDAP/Wehrmacht Becoming Generalfeldmarschall for 8 days (crimes against peace), trying to buy the server
Ace Citizen/NSDAP Joining a Gmod server because of a romantic relationship
Antea NSDAP/Wehrmacht Not knowing her faces, trying to buy the server
BeaverJedi Moderator/Wehrmacht Helping us try to buy the server
Comrade Wehrmacht Inviting his Wargame friends to RE (crimes against peace) Grooming people on discord
Fynn Schutzstaffel/RSHA Being an SS detective (War crimes, crimes against humanity)
Flameo NSDAP/Wehrmacht Feldgendarmerie (Crimes against peace), being a cop, trying to buy the server
Kaiser Wehrmacht/NSDAP/Schutzstaffel Being a Wehraboo (irreparably dumb)
KibaCustodian Wehrmacht/Schutzstaffel Playing Wargame (war crimes)
Kentuckyfriedhorse Wehrmacht/NSDAP/Schutzstaffel War crimes, joining RE
KevinAdams Former Owner Being an actual pedophile in real life
MinnesotaNice Owner Playing too much Big Fish Casino Texas Hold'em Poker
Niccolo All of them Grooming people on discord
OldManMammoth Wehrmacht/Party/Civilian Somehow he'd get away with everything just through sheer charisma, and retroactively prevent the genocides
Spitfire1 Wehrmacht/Schutzstaffel Sending the N word in minecraft chat
Sheep6600 NSDAP/Wehrmacht Doing paperwork (for Nazis)
Sambug2000 Schutzstaffel War crimes, bootlicking
StrawberryCrisis Citizen Not using VC, joining the server in the first place
SgtPepper Civilian/Wehrmacht High-ranking Feldgendarmerie (war criminal)
Slinglend Citizen/NSDAP Drinking raw cow milk without a license
TheRedScot Wehrmacht War crimes, crimes against aviation
Vesna Schutzstaffel Playing Wargame (war crimes)
Yoshi Schutzstaffel/Wehrmacht Playing Wargame (acquitted)
Youta Citizen/Milk Investigator Buying mysterious 'aryan' milk without a license

Reconstruction Era on Typhon

Typhon would be one of many Garry's Mod servers that Reconstruction Era's members would involve themselves in.

The Typhon Fiasco of 2021

One day in late spring, Flameo and Fireball were in a teamspeak lobby talking about Columbo. They decided it would be kinda sick if they could play detective, and ended up deciding to go back to typhon...

[Some bullshit about the GFM election and MinnesotaNice]

...they would back out of the deal and keep the $3000 they had raised out of fear that they would get doxxed.