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1942rp: Where dreams go to die.

Typhon Networks or simply Typhon is a crummy Garry's Mod server.

Typhon Players[edit]

Typhon players are hard to describe without multiple ableist slurs and descriptions of common vermin. However it is easy to characterize the average Typhon player as essentially a caveman in a Holocaust-era Nazi uniform.

Reconstruction Era on Typhon[edit]

Typhon would be one of many Garry's Mod servers that Reconstruction Era's members would involve themselves in.

The Typhon Fiasco of 2021[edit]

One day in late spring, Flameo and Fireball were in a teamspeak lobby talking about Columbo. They decided it would be kinda sick if they could play detective, and ended up deciding to go back to typhon...

[Some bullshit about the GFM election and MinnesotaNice]

...they would back out of the deal and keep the $3000 they had raised out of fear that they would get doxxed.