From Reconstruction Era

Drama, plainly put, is bullshit. Writing these sections is like pulling teeth since nobody wants to think about this shit, but nonetheless there's some stuff you can read through. Anyway I'm going to go take a shower.

The Tay Drama

Kodiak donated to the server, Fireball like a dumbass did not realize she donate. Drama thusly ensued. Flameo thought the main division in the community was over minecraft kelp when it was actually over cancer. This is where we got ReRe and the Great Powers copypasta


If you know you know. Remember when she randomly came back to RE survival? Fun times

Scot Bringing up GILFs

I can't believe that TheRedScot keeps bringing up grandmas he'd like to fuck. It's not funny makes and everyone uncomfortable. He even made a fucking tierlist. I guess when he's so committed to the bit it wraps around to being funny again. And he does have a point about Queen Lizzie...

The Milk Baron

Guess we aren't getting anymore milk.

Comrade Affair

Reconstruction Era invited someone from larp and he turned out to be a really shitty person. Eventually he was exposed and cut himself off before being permabanned. For the sake of containing the drama the exact nature of his actions is not described here.