From Reconstruction Era

Comrade aka Oppressor is an abuser and Nazi roleplayer who was active on Reconstruction Era. He was banned from ReEra after it came to light that he groomed and sexually abused another person.

Social Circle

Comrade was very active on Typhon Networks, briefly the Reichsmarschall. His social clique originated on Typhon, and he would remain associated with some of those people after the server's decline. He encouraged people to rely on him, often acting as a leader in strategy games even if other players are not willing to listen to his commands. These games create a fertile ground for sowing division which allows Comrade to remain de facto leader.

Comrade on RE

Comrade's time on Reconstruction Era mostly consisted of him trying to maintain 'dominance' over his social group and trying to extend that power over other people on Reconstruction Era. His presence drove a lot of his former associates and victims from Reconstruction Era. It came to light that he committed sexual abuse leading to his expulsion from the community in full.