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Oppressor (deadnamed: Comrade) is one of the former LARP monsters of Reconstruction Era. Comrade has claimed an attachment to an honor system of some variety, but can barely take losing a game to chrobo in Wargame.

Activity on Typhon[edit]

Comrade was very active on Typhon Networks, briefly the Reichsmarschall. His social circle originated on Typhon Networks. The social formation of Typhon Networks somewhat resembles that of a cult with an Inner Circle, Lieutenants, and the Lay membership. This causes the social groups that spawn from Typhon Network to have similar structures in how they interact with one another. Typhon Networks entered a complete decline leading to a Typhonic Ethnos in a rebirth of its identity into the Post-Typhonic Ethnos and the less common Typhonic Ethnos common in Imperium Networks and other successor communities to Typhon Networks. Comrade was the major mastermind behind the projects inside Typhon for his clique, but with the groups leaving from Typhon there is now a lack of Rank and File Members for the sub-leaders to use as means to end.

Comrade's Social Group[edit]

The ostensible goal of his social circle is casually playing Video Games among other things but everything still relies on Comrade to take point with how the games operate, often acting as a leader in strategy games even if other players are not willing to listen to his commands. He played games such as Wargame: Red Dragon, Men of War Assault Squad 2, Stellaris, and Left for Dead 2. These games create a fertile ground for sowing division which allows Comrade to remain de facto leader.

The mores Comrade’s social circle are based in that of Typhon Networks which is a part of the 1942 Roleplaying Community of Garry’s Mod, a heavily prestige-based society. There are other cultures that the social circle interacts with, such as the Reconstruction Era Social Circle, from which perspective this article is written. Comrade’s role as a charismatic leader often comes from the social power he has and again the subjugation of willpower. Comrade’s ability to control the mores of the group along with the amiability and subjugation of the willpower of the group creates the appearance of a Charismatic Leader.

Comrade is able to use verbalization and a neutral tone to create a sense of authority. There is belief among his social circle in stoic leadership thus leading to Comrade as a natural leader of the group. There is also a shift with Comrade’s usage of social engineering to ensure that situations of conflict do not arise between the more hot-headed lieutenants, but this could also be resolved by expanding the group which Comrade appears to be doing on a slow pace through interaction and diffusion with Reconstruction Era. Comrade is able to use the culture against itself via negative association. This was the most positive thing one could do to ensure the negative toxicity could be stamped out.

Comrade on RE[edit]

Comrade's time on Reconstruction Era mostly consisted of him trying to maintain 'dominance' over his social group and trying to extend that power over other people on Reconstruction Era. His presence caused the disassociation of people like Vesna and Yoshi from Reconstruction Era. He eventually committed similar actions to that of Typhon leading to his expulsion from the community in full.