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Reconstruction Era or RE is an internet community that has existed from 2016-present. Primarily focused around gaming and sharing memes, Reconstruction Era is organized on its Discord. Reconstruction Era hosts it's own game servers such as Survival Minecraft and DarkRP. These public servers are both a hangout for RE regulars and a way to attract new people to the community. People have joined RE from all over: There is the old guard, people from civ servers, and a small community who found RE through Gmod. Having also advertised on various discord server lists and communities, the staff have sought to grow RE. Together, the different friend-groups and interests form the basis of RE's sub-communities.

Culturally, Reconstruction Era is very close-knit. There is a healthy amount of in-jokes and memes specific to the server, and a lot of the camaraderie is built around the shared experiences of interacting with the community. RE has its own lingo; for example, to freddo is to use artillery against aircraft. Much of the discussion on the server involves obscure elements of politics and religion.

In addition to the discord, RE is also organized on other platforms such as Steam, Teamspeak, Reddit, Instagram, and this wiki. In any case, the RE staff manage and run the community.


Reconstruction Era, as the name implies, is the reconstructed form of an earlier community. Around 2016, Fireball's friendgroup discord had just recovered from everyone being made admins. To stem the chaos, Fireball removed all of the admins and renamed the community to reflect its reconstruction. Although the community has long since recovered from the damage done, the name 'Reconstruction Era' stuck.

In April 2018, the current logo was designed by Flameoguy. Around the same time the second edition of the RE minecraft server went live. Soon that server would be opened to the public, and for a short time had a lot of activity due to the address being posted on /v/. By July there was significant controversy over whether or not the map should reset, and by August the community had began to split over perceived abuses by the powers that be. By September the server was becoming increasingly inactive and by November the server had been shut down and in favor of a modded community.

During the December of 2019, RE deleted its #NSFW and #Gay-NSFW channels. From that point forward, there was virtually no pornography being posted on RE. This caused a small exodus of Coomers including MudkipGuy.

The people of Reconstruction Era have had a fraught relationship with Jötunheimr. The diplomatic tensions came to a head with the Battle of Jötunheimr, although in the months since things have calmed down.