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Members of Reconstruction Era use unique language with one another. While not a fully-developed dialect, there are expressions and vocabulary unique to the type of English spoken by members of RE.

Stronghold 2[edit]

Due to the evolving meta of Stronghold 2, RE has developed its own vocabular.

Term Translation and context
Artillery Ballistas, Mangonels, Catapults, and Trebuchets
Attrition A strategy of weakening another player's economy.
Balance of Power A diplomatic strategy of attacking strong players and defending weak ones to ensure that nobody grows too powerful
BDSM Torture equipment used to discipline criminals
Candle Cult A strategy involving the use of a church to achieve a high popularity. Refers to the amount of candles that need to be produced to 'fuel' the church
Chungus Large or thick; big.
Communism Running low on food
Economy The chain of food, popularity, and gold that allows a castle to effectively produce units.
Empire A large amount of estates controlled by a single player
Leather A strategy of mass-producing leather armor to field large amounts of crossbowmen and macemen
Library A church
Napalm The use of either a burning cart or pitch to light enemy troops on fire
Normandy An amphibious assault made with Pictish Boatmen
Pez (Armed) Peasant
Phalanx A formation of ranged units and mantlets, often accompanied by melee units.
Riflemen Crossbowmen
Rifle Tactics A strategy involving the use of crossbowmen as the primary field infantry, with ballistas and catapults providing cover
Rush To swarm an enemy with fast, cheap units
Shields Mantlets
Siege An assault made on a castle, typically with the intent to kill the other player and remove them from the game
Spam To use a single unit or building en masse
Spoons Catapults
Stonks (1) A set of stocks used to rehabilitate prisoners
Stonks (2) A large amount of gold made from selling goods or taxing peasants
Town A village estate
Treb Trebuchet