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CivEx or Civilization Experiment is an experimental political minecraft server exploring the interactions between nation-states. It has taken various forms since its inception in 2014 with a post on the Minecraft subreddit. While the CivEx community is currently inactive, it has had a large effect on the formation of Reconstruction Era.

CivEx 1.0[edit]

The Political Development of CivEx 1.0

The first version of CivEx was inspired somewhat from Civcraft, but saw many people who were new to civ servers. This is where 1234fireball first interacted with FaerFox, he was recruited to play by GravekeepersGod and ended up founding Chernarus after being exiled from Grestin by Freddo.

Civex 2.0[edit]

Civex 2.0 was brought about in a hurry due to 1.0 getting nuked.

Civex 3.0[edit]

The third version of civex was pretty short-lived.

Summary of CivEx by CivWiki[edit]

CivilizationExperiment was started from a post on /r/minecraft querying what impact a server with harsher environmental settings would have on how players interact with the world and each other. The idea of environment influencing player behavior became the founding principle behind Civex 1.0. The post gained immense traction and new ideas and plugins were introduced from other already established civ servers such as Civcraft. The server was developed in a short period of time, notably through the efforts of mbach231, and launched shortly thereafter. The map was a single continent divided between different environments with all resources divided between regions.

CivEx 1.0[edit]

The server started with a strong player base and eight original nations, but both quickly grew in size and scale. Over its lifespan, 1.0 experienced all manner of playstyles: merchants, farmers and fishermen, miners, politicians, warriors, spies, kings and emperors, drunks and roleplayers. One of the unique features of 1.0 was the value its players attributed to the political machinations of its nations, an attribute that resulted in a unique style of play arguably not seen since. Nations and empires rose and fell. Wars were fought over land, resources, monopolies, politics, power, and personal vendettas. In the end, 1.0 was a collection of good times, bad times, and countless stories of the players that called it home. 1.0 was officially brought to an end when a disgruntled former staff member and failed player released an illicit copy of the map, revealing information that did irreparable damage and forced the early termination of the map and the first iteration of the server.

The password for the server download is: SoLongCivExThankYouAllForTheMemories

Summary by Frank_Wirz

CivEx 2.0[edit]

The second iteration of CivEx 2.0 should have failed. Indeed, it had numerous, crippling errors in its first few weeks that caused serious issues. However, from the ashes, an incredible iteration formed. The major issues were resolved, and the server became a new and wonderful place. Nations and empires formed and fell, great alliances were created, and wars were fought. A new disease and temperature plugin caused unique challenges in hot and cold environments, and a great sea separated the great eastern nations from the isolated western ones.

While CivEx 2.0 was by no means perfect, and was arguably not as good as the first, it still proved to be a solid and enjoyable experience, that saw the rise of players, nations, and memes that are still important today.

summary by Sirboss001