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Flight of the Prisoners by Tissot

The Reconstruction Era Diaspora or Exile is the dispersion of Reconstruction Era members out of the server and into other communities. Many of the people who were present during the server's early days are no longer around on the server. There are numerous reasons why people may choose to leave, and even more reasons they could choose to come back. Today there is a wide variety of former members, some respected and others reviled. Those who have left not only our community but also the internet entirely are said to be permanently AFK.

There are a handful of other diasporas known to RE, for example the servers created by Typhon players after the server shut down. There is also a community of civ players who have left the actual minecraft servers but continue to congregate. Some of these people have formed Split-off Servers of their own. Old Man Mammoth knows everyone, for some god forsaken reason. Be it on Garry's Mod, the HoI4 Modding Community, just flatly knows everyone. He's basically a Mongol Khan with a large variety of Vassals.

Migrations to Jotun

As the discord began around the time of CivEx, many of the early posters on the server were random civ players that fireball invited. Over time many of these users would leave the server for disinterest, drama, or personal reasons. As Jötunheimr grew during the decline of CivEx, many of these members congregated there. For this reason a lot of their membership has been on our server in the past.

In recent years the Battle of Jötunheimr has complicated the relationship between ReEra and many of its old members. NoxVS was re-invited for a short period and given a cosmetic 'owner' role to commemorate sending the first message, but left soon after.

The Deriliction of New Pompeii

██████████████ ██████████ ███ █ ████ ████ ████████ ████████████ █ ███ ██████ ██ █████████ ██████ ███████████████████ ████████████ ████ ██████████ █████████ ███████ ███████ █ █████████ █████ ███████ ███████ ██ ████████ █ █████ █████████████ ██ █████ ███████ █████████████ ██████████████████ ██ █████ ███████████ █████ ██████████████████████ ███████████████████████████ ███ ███████████████ ███████ ██ ███ ██████ ██ █████████████ ████ ██

Deconstruction Era and Ace

Much of the toxicity generated by fireball's ex-girlfriend Ace would drive long-time members off ReEra. She used her proximity to power to bully other people off the server. The atmosphere was generally pretty fucked and few people wanted to play games or hang out on teamspeak besides a small core of membership. In addition to people leaving, recruitment was hard leading to a downward spiral of inactivity.

With the drama coming to a boiling point in 2021, culminating in the complete dissociation of Ace from RE, the community was able to return to operations as usual. Many of those who left or went inactive returned. Along with the arrival of Comrade's former friends and new recruits from Civ, the return of old friends and users rapidly increased the size of the active membership. This would lead to the generally quiet 'gilded age' in the post-covid period.


Worth mentioning are the people who left during RE's ban on porn, namely Mudkipguy and later MrJar. As the removal of the porn channels was initiated by Ace they can technically be grouped in with this era of diaspora. Upon leaving they simply migrated to hornier communities where they could post their anime tits.

Not Famous Anymore

It's true!

When someone has the role "I'm not Famous Anymore" it indicates that they have left the community at some point and later returned. Originally it was a common label for dramaturges, but in the years since its creation there have been a variety of valid reasons to leave and come back. Having the role is neither a point of pride nor shame, but does indicate that whatever drove them off the server no longer matters. Much like the Hebrews of Israel, the Reconstruction Era community will always find their way back.