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Civball used by Reconstruction Era on CivMC

"Civ is garbage and, uh, toxic, and bad, and it's a horrifying fucking gamemode full of doxing and other horrible things, but I love it and I am going to play it again at some point" - Known Civ addict

Civ Servers also known as civ, are a type of minecraft server that attempts to model geopolitics through interactions between different nations. They include Civcraft, CivEx, TheRealmsMC, CivRealms and CivMC. Often times the communities are toxic, larpers and among other things just straight up bad people. Because of this it's been a focal point in the development of Reconstruction Era, being a major influence in the gameplay of RE survival minecraft servers.

It should also be factored in that it's about as addictive as heroin. ReEra has been involve in numerous nations such as YosLan, the CRS and Grestin. Fireball ran the minor Volterran Workers' Party on Civcraft. (At some point we will write a chronological and complete history).