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Gaming is popular pastime for middle-class shut-ins. It forms a core part of Reconstruction Era.

On Reconstruction Era, various gaming servers and events are hosted for members of the community to partake in. Members of RE have played on many Minecraft servers, including various civ servers as well as the RE survival server. Many RE members play Garry's Mod, and the community runs a DarkRP server. The RE Arma unit hosts its own operations as well.

Reconstruction Era has a subcommunity for regularly hosting and playing strategy games. RE plays RTS games such as Stronghold 2, Company of Heroes, R.U.S.E., and Wargame. They also play map games, including titles like Crusader Kings 2, Europa Universals 4, Hearts of Iron 4, and Superpower 2. RE members have also been known to queue up for Counter-Strike, Tabletop Simulator, and A***g *s.

The rules state that people must stick to agreed-upon rulesets, which are often created to make the game more enjoyable by restricting certain strategies.

While gaming is good for bringing friends together, gaming communities have been known to produce a lot of cringe, especially on discord.