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The ReconstructionEra DarkRP server, coming to a computer near you!

The server is found under the DarkRP gamemode with the following address:


Server History

Way back when we decided to make a small DarkRP server to revive the gamemode. We met a few players like Carton Waffle who liked how we did things. The server was revived in 2023 when Flameoguy released a new map, rp_downtown_re. Figures such as Ratsmacker and OldManMammoth have been able to politically dominate the game by winning Mayor elections.

How to Play

ReEra DarkRP is simple to play, and combines elements of Gmod sandbox with an economy and state. As it is a roleplay gamemode, you assume a character within a city. You can find our server in the DarkRP tab or join by typing <connect reconstructionera.club:27018> into console.


The rules are listed in the MOTD:

  1. No Propminge (using props to grief). Propclimb, propsurf, propspam, propblock, proppush, and propkill could all be bannable depending on the severity of the minge. Props are here to build and roleplay with.
  2. No FailRP. You need to stay in character. If you pick a certain job, you are expected to actually do that job (joining police to RDM will get you banned). Using out-of-character information (metagaming) is forbidden.
  3. No MassDM. Running around the city and shooting everyone you see is not a valid part of a roleplay server. You should only kill someone if you have a valid in-game reason for doing so.

Please note that many typical rules like NLR, Advert Raid, RDM, and FearRP are not present on our server. As long as you are able to roleplay and have fun, you can play ReEra DarkRP without getting banned.


On login you start as a basic Citizen, who has a decent salary and can play a variety of roles in city life. However by choosing a job you can get other abilities like purchasing shipments or enforcing the law. Open the jobs menu by pressing f4.

Dealer Jobs

These jobs have a somewhat lower salary and mostly make their money back by selling resources to other players. They are found in the citizens section of the menu.

The cook feeds other players and can operate a culinary business like a restaurant or tavern.
Cooks can purchase food or set up a microwave, which sells food automatically like a vending machine. They can buy food and various ingredients, and also bake bread using a stove.
Gun Dealer
The gun dealer sells weapons to other players. Without them, civilians have no way to buy a gun.
Gun dealers can purchase firearms either as shipments or individual weapons.
The medic heals other players and themselves. They can either base with allies as a dedicated healer or operate a clinic.
Medics can purchase health packs or heal players with their medkit weapon. Medics can buy drug labs.
The shopkeeper can purchase various supplies and sell them to other players. They can theme their shop as a convenience store, general store, bar, or anything else.
Shopkeepers can buy constraints, cigarettes, raiding supplies, and ingredients for brewing and drug making.

Hobo Jobs

These jobs have no salary and are mostly joke roles for annoying other players. They are found in the vagrants section of the menu.

The hobo begs for money and builds a house out of trash on the street.
Hobos can throw shoes at people and conjure mysterious shipments from the buy menu.
Hobo King
The Hobo King is the most fearsome of all the hobos. Upon death, the Hobo King goes back to being a regular hobo.
They can access a few more miscellaneous shipments and weapons, as well as set messages for other hobos using /agenda.

Government Jobs

These jobs are responsible for setting and enforcing the law. They are found in the civil protection section of the menu.

Civil Protection
A Civil Protection officer is part of the city's police force and enforces the law.
The Civil Protection can arrest other players and break down doors.
Civil Protection Chief
The Chief is the leader of the Civil Protection in the city, and coordinates the police.
They can buy smoke grenades and police hardware. They can grant gun licenses in addition to typical police abilities.
The Governor is the legal head of the government.
They can change the laws with /addlaw and /removelaw. They can issue stay-at-home orders with /lockdown and /unlockdown. They can set messages for police with /agenda.

Gang Jobs

These jobs are dedicated criminals and form another faction aside from the government. They are found in the gangsters section of the menu.

The gangster is a typical street criminal who robs people, steals from businesses, and sells drugs.
Gangsters can buy drug labs.
Mob Boss
The mob boss is the kingpin of criminals in the city.
The mob boss can buy labs ingredients for drug making. They can accept hits on other players using the hitman menu (E). They can set messages for their gang with /agenda.

VIP Jobs

These jobs are accessed by donating to the Reconstruction Era Patreon. They are found in various sections of the menu depending on their role.

The Parkourist is someone who is skilled at climbing and running around.
Parkourists can run faster and perform freerunning tricks using the parkour SWEP.
Vape God
The Vape God promotes vaping as an alternative to smoking, and sells vapes to other players.
Vape Gods can buy vapes and smoke grenades.
The Dissident is an anti-authoritarian activist who tries to start a revolution against the government.
Dissidents can use spraypaint to draw graffiti on walls. They can buy drug labs.
Civil Protection Specialist
The Specialist is a tactical police officer equipped for raids and breaching.
Specialists can buy smoke grenades and tactical police hardware.
The assassin is a contract killer who carries out hits for money.
Assassins can buy smoke grenades. They can accept hits on other players using the hitman menu (E).

Making Money

You can grind for money on your own through salary, money printers, and selling goods to the bootlegger NPC. You can also make money from other players through business and crime. Players drop $100 when killed, but it's possible to mug people for more.

You can spend your money with the command </dropmoney 100>, which drops a stack of money worth $100. Any amount works with the command. This stack of money can be picked up with the physgun and pocketed by pressing E.


Be creative and don't be an idiot. The admins have pretty wide discretion to determine when you are being an idiot, so don't think you can rules lawyer your way into go on a killing spree with self-supplied guns.