From Reconstruction Era
The ReEra logo as seen on Discord

Discord is the chat for gamers Your Place to Talk. Created as a slack-inspired competitor to programs like Skype, Discord exploded in popularity in the later 2010s. It is on Discord that Reconstruction Era was first founded, and serves as the main platform for members of RE to communicate with each other. When someone says 'Reconstruction Era' or 'RE' with no other context, it is usually the RE Discord Server that's being referred to. Due to the importance of the discord within the broader community, the most commonly used version of the RE seal says 'discord server'. The rules are available on the discord, as is a channel for badass skulls and skeletons.

Despite the voice-chat capabilities of the Discord, members of RE will usually get on the teamspeak to talk to one another. Typhon made people call Discord 'telegram', leading to much confusion.

The discord can be accessed through the website, or joined here: https://discord.gg/geGQw8z