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The Reconstruction Era Website is a collection of online services hosted on the RE Box. Its home page was designed by Flameo in CodePen and features usually-working links to the Discord, YouTube, REchan, the forum, Patreon, and this wiki. Since we didn't hire have a real web designer it looks kind of crummy, but that's the charm eh?

The Wiki

You best start believing in the RE Wiki...
You're on it!

So you want to know a little bit about this wiki? Well, there's not much to say, it was created to provide a kind of archive for our community and its history. The idea was conceived and implemented by Freddo in April 2021. Most early pages were created from November 2021 to June 2022. Fireball played a major role chronicling server history while Flameoguy created a large volume of general articles. By 2023 the site provided a solid overview of Reconstruction Era and everything that our community gets up to.

During the July of 2023, this wiki was attacked by SEO spambots. They created all sorts of excellent posts, although most of these were deleted. The wiki was once again attacked by spambots in October 2023, and hundreds of articles were created every day until late December, with the entire wiki being archived, purged, and reuploaded around the New Year of 2024.