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Oh God, it's so old!

Teamspeak is a VoIP system marketed towards gamers. Having been used in the Reconstruction Era community since before its founding, Teamspeak remains a central part of society on RE. If you want to actively participate in the community, its a good idea to join the Teamspeak once in a while. The RE Teamspeak ( can be accessed with a Teamspeak 3 client.

Why use Teamspeak?

"Why use Teamspeak" is a very reasonable question to ask when reading this article. After all, RE has a Discord, which serves all of the voice chat functions that Teamspeak does. It seems like hosting a teamspeak server is a redundant waste of money. If you ask one of the great powers this question, you'll probably get the same answer every time: "Because I like the sound quality." While they won't be lying to you, the real core of why RE uses teamspeak is really something much deeper, and much more ideological.

Teamspeak hearkens back to an era when if a web community wanted to have a dedicated voice chat, they had to finance and install and run the thing themselves. They had to invest in infrastructure. If you made a Teamspeak, you used it, because the alternative is wasting time and money on a voice chat that sits empty all the time. There's a real incentive to hang around and get your friends on. Compare that to discord chats, which can be created for free and more often than not really do sit empty. While most people constantly have Discord running on their computers, its nice to have that feeling of starting up a program and joining a channel. It feels like you're deliberately walking into a room where your friends meet every day. A virtual room, one running on a private server on private hardware, that you and your buddies put effort into making a nice hangout spot. Besides, the sound quality really is a little better.