Primordial Reconstruction Era

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This page chronicles the history of Reconstruction Era before the creation of the modern Reconstruction Era Discord and Teamspeak.

Skype Era (2012-2016)

The early days of what became the Reconstruction Era started on Skype, which was fucking hell. Calls that glitched out, people getting into other peoples personal info, and so on, it did not help with the fact that all members at the time where way too young to understand the consequences of internet non-safety. Eventually there was an evolution beyond this very basic usage of skype to other platforms, but it took too damn long. There was a pre-Freddo Era which was of Nathan, ElectricEvan and a couple others lost to time, at this time

But it started with 1234fireball playing on the High Textured Roblox modded faction server of Mineyc where he met Freddo3000 along with Diamondx10, Youta, Chase, and Jabbe00. This became a major clique on the server where it became a long term friendship between Freddo and Fireball while the others have been occasional players in the community compared to Long term players. The overall evolution of the community during this time was almost nothing where they just dicked around and made allies but eventually had a falling out as the server began to collapse, Fireball was inadvertently was recruited by GravekeepersGod to a waste of time leading to the founding of the CSSR, a large falling out with Freddo and Chase, along with the introduction of EranVonBaron to said waste of time.

After the failure on the Civ Server there was a large period of time where Fireball went on Garry's Mod, specifically on WAC Aircraft PVP servers where he eventually met Slinglend where they became long term friends. Also at this point Fireball moved onto roleplaying communities in 1942RP that had elements of nation building which is where Antea and TheRedScot entered the scene, with her introduction leading to the starting of the dynamic of Fireball-Sling-Antea. This is where skype started to be phased out for other platforms, mostly because of necessity and overlogging the capabilities of skype. Along with the fact they started to play a good larping simulator with Mouring, Roberts, and a few others. That lead to a whole other fiasco with very rational decisions being made by all involved parties.

Freddo's Teamspeak (2014-2016)

After the falling out of skype, the major 3-4 people ended up going to the Teamspeak, during this 1234fireball ended up giving one of Sling's Friends Admins where they destroyed the teamspeak. There is not much remembered during this time.

Curse Era (2014-2015)

It was shit. Mostly playing some FPS shooters and war thunder. Nothing else really.

Discord Era (2016)

Screenshot of RE before RE. The server was simply called 'Friend Server'.

After a large falling out between Slinglend and 1234fireball due to sling siding with Roberts when Roberts said "You're the reason your dad died" four months after 1234fireball's dad died. It was an anarchic system that eventually collapsed with 1234fireball had the REALLY GOOD IDEA of giving everyone admin to test anarchist theories. This caused the transition to Reconstruction Era, since it was reconstructing from the damage done by giving everyone admin.

Coconut Crab Contingency

I'll be honest I don't really even remember what this was? Possibly a short-term discord? Maybe another Teamspeak? I know it just ended in some form of falling out, but this really has been lost to time.

Reconstruction Era

Modern Reconstruction Era has been dated with the name change from Fireball's Friend Server to Reconstruction Era. This initially reflected an attempt to rebuild the community after an anarchist experiment in making everyone an admin. The server's modern history begins at that point.