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Garry's Mod or Gmod is a virtual shitposting environment created by Facepunch Studios. It takes advantage of the Source Engine in Half Life 2 to enable custom gamemodes, addons, and other modded content. As with many other video games, it is enjoyed by the RE community.


1942RP is a roleplay gamemode for Gmod set in Nazi Germany. Originating with nonserious and juvenile servers such as POG (People of Gaming), the gamemode gradually evolved into a much more self-serious and persistent experience, with persistent characters and a heavy use of Discord to organize factions and events. However, it was during this earlier shitposty period when some of the community's first members met as kids.

From 2019 to 2020, the members of Reconstruction Era regularly played on Typhon Networks, a more serious roleplay server. They typically played as low-level characters with high connections. RE engaged in various high jinks such as running a bar as the RAD (Reichsarbeitsdienst), getting banned for shooting Hitler, and saving Reichschancellor Sheep6600 from Nazi Party usurpers. At one point, Flameoguy ran over his own admiral with a navy-issued vehicle that he illegally equipped with rocket boosters. 1234Fireball took various roles; He was a Reichskommissar, party chancellor, head of the RAD, head of the DSR (Communist resistance), and finally a Lieutenant in the navy. Eventually however, the community would get bored with the slow pace of intrigue on the Typhon community and became inactive.

Reconstruction Era members would return to Typhon for the summer of 2021. Looking to 'play cop', most RE members would end up joining the Feldgendarmerie, a kind of military police. They ended up being enveloped in a world of petty squabbles and intrigue, which resulted in Fireball becoming chief of the Feld. Eventually Fireball would become the Generalfeldmarschall, a player-elected leader of the military faction on the server. Although he created a cabinet and attempted to revitalize the military, he was removed after a eight-day term. The staff killed him using out of game events, and an inactive Generalfeldmarschall took his place. Flameo, Sheep6600, and Bergmann all played prominent roles in the military, with Flameo taking over the Feld. and attempting to rebuild it.

While this was occurring, Fireball would reach out to MinnesotaNice about acquiring Typhon. The deal fell through at the last minute as the investment team realized that Typhon would make a bad asset. To this day, Typhon remains a nest of wehraboos, doxxers, and genuine neo-nazis.


A lot like 1942RP, but replace the wheraboos and neo-nazis with communists and tankies. This server was hosted by POG, but was quickly and brutally murdered by the server owners. This server to place in somewhere in the late 60s early 70s, the four main sides were the Soviets, Criminals, Civillians, and NATO. This server of coarse had its fair share of cringe, for example NATO recreating the classic washing machine wall from The Sandlot 2 on the Soviet border, or the time NATO decided to push the border all the way to the steps of the Kremlin. The server would quickly die off though, murdered by the server owners who were constantly changing to worse and worse maps.


DarkRP a roleplay gamemode that is notorious for being filled with microtransactions, boring gameplay, and admin abuse. People will build megabases and mass-kill other players with permanent weapons that they donated for. Far from the genuinely enjoyable roleplaying and joking around that it once was, the gamemode is mostly played by powertripping children. In an attempt to create a more classic and fun environment, the RE DarkRP server was created.