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I shit you not she peed in vc at least 3 times

Slinglend or commonly referred to as Sling or The Milk Baron has been a longtime member of Reconstruction Era, since the skype days. Sling has been involved in numerous amounts of incidents but only often as a bystander compared to one actively participating. In later years she would use increasingly corrupted usernames like Slimg, although other community members would pronounce her username the same. Sling is famously responsible for creating this famous declan.jpg series of images, an interpretation of 1234Fireball larping with a variety of memes. She would maintain it through the years with new content before leaving the server.

One of the holdovers from the skype era was Roberts who was effectively Sling's sugar daddy. Roberts would buy Sling games and Sling would continue to play games with him, this relationship continued even after Sling's return to Reconstruction Era and despite major incidents. This would always be a tender spot in 1234fireball's and Sling's relationship.

The majority of the drama Slinglend was involved with has often been with the women of Reconstruction Era. The initial incident was with the attempt to create a dual power structure on Reconstruction Era with Tay and Antea; this attempt at splitting Reconstruction Era into ReRE failed before it got off the ground. The other major incident involved Ace with their stay on RE and their relationship with 1234fireball. Ace and Slinglend grew relatively close and are still associated, according to the Reconstruction Era Intelligence Office. This close relationship later caused issues for the romantic relationship between Ace and 1234fireball where Sling would often give baseline validating advice to Ace leading to breakdowns of communication between Fireball and Ace. This eventually lead to a major incident that is known to most active members of Reconstruction Era.

Slinglend has also recently disassociated completely from Reconstruction Era. Current theories are that it was an ultimatum from Ace, with the complete removal of all members of Reconstruction Era from their lives. Another theory is that Sling was periscoping for Ace in order to see what was currently happening in Reconstruction Era.