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The Owner and Operator of Reconstruction Era. He founded Reconstruction Era approximately 9/10/2016, with this being the result of some issues between himself and Slinglend. This is what caused Reconstruction Era to be created and started the shitshow that has been Reconstruction Era.


1234fireball has been the focal point of a large amount of drama since he is often the person in charge of moderating or witnessing such drama. More often, he's the guy who causes the drama and then later tries to pin the blame on someone else, like what occurred between Ace and Sprout, which he tried avoiding blame for when it really was his fucking fault for not just saying "no." Often letting drama fester since he doesn't want to deal with it or really has any interest in managing it. This had led to multiple incidents, from miscommunications to complete collapse, but often it turns out that this drama seemed to be inevitable, either due to the fog of war or just generally, idiocy.

Server Management

Often instead of directly addressing problems with the box, servers, or really anything, fireball opts to delegate labor, specifically to Flameoguy and Freddo3000. This often means there is a delay in repairs on the box or servers, like when this wiki went down; instead of being able to address the issue himself has to message Freddo, hope Freddo manages the issue, tell Flameo that he's messaged Freddo. This is similar to how Fireball manages drama which is playing a giant game of telephone.


Symbol of the Socialist Reform Caucus, an ill-fated faction of the US Green Party
You try and figure out what the fuck he was cooking...

The politics of fireball is eclectic at best, deriving his beliefs from whatever he finds interesting. This has led him to reach out to a strange variety of individuals and organizations ranging from the American Blackshirt Party to Caleb Maupin. These groups are often ineffective in their own unique ways, so Fireball enjoys just lingering around these organizations, collecting data, and moving on, often taking one or two individuals with him to his own little side projects. This means that it reinforces the somewhat sporadic beliefs of politics that pragmatism is the only real option in politics and that policy is all that matters over ideology. Purity is only a concept invented by anarchists and LARPers who derive validation from how right and good they are for following the tried and true political ideology. These people are cowards, to the highest degree, replacing the religion they deride with just pure ideology.