From Reconstruction Era
Unfinished design for a trifold brochure meant to promote the ideology. The flag was meant to be quartered red and green with a white cross.

Renescantism also spelled Renascentism was the child-brained brainchild of Fireball and Flameo. It was essentially a 4th Positionist Political Ideology that tried to combine elements of socialism, liberalism, and the other one. They wrote a manifesto and created a couple of group chats before moving on to better things. Although the current version copied below of the manifesto is very cringe, earlier versions were much (much!) worse. At least it's better than joining the American Blackshirt Party...?

The Unabridged Text of the Manifesto


In the modern era the state has to be powerful enough to ensure that all of its citizens get their basic needs, this doesn’t mean solely have a strong military but a strong infrastructure and government system too! Our government only focuses on militancy be it in a futile war in Central Asia or supporting foreign revolts in Latin America, these meddlings in foreign nations helps no one except the rich aristocrats maintain their investments using these conflicts as a way to blind us with nationalistic fervor, while our founding fathers are rolling in their graves over how we’ve become the destroyer of democracies. We have become what the Founding Fathers fought against! We lie to ourselves claiming to bring civilization to the edges of the world but we only wish to extract the resources from those places.

The Problems

Our government has been proven to be ineffective, in administration, in maintaining equality, and in fixing the economy. The ‘two party system’ must go, because it is just a one party state where candidate A and candidate B are almost identical except a few ideas on policy. Does it truly matter who we pick if in the end they serve the same goals? These goals also aren’t in the favor of the common people but for rich aristocrats who benefit from tax cuts. Meanwhile the roads we drive on crumble and our railways remain the same as they were 1990s! Our nation is a joke in all aspects except in military which is impressive but the cause of the lack of funding for healthcare, infrastructure, and other needs of the people.

The Democrat/Republican monopoly on power cannot remain, change is required to stop America from collapsing in on itself! Change in how the government is ran is one of the major problems we have, with minor parties barely being able to gain control outside of some rare exceptions. The exceptions, of course only mattering because they split off from a major party which has some control in the electoral college, be it a split off from the Federalists, Democrats, or Republicans. These split offs can grow into a new party but they don’t really matter much because the system reverts back to its old self in due time. If Americans are forced to pick the lesser of two evils is the United States really land of the free and land of choice? Americans have to be generalized so much that these two options are the best to fit the whole nation, while a Democrat from Virginia is fairly different from a Democrat from California but they are stuck with the one option and the one party! This is why there is a need for more than the two current parties in the United States of America, our ideas cannot be represented only from two options. But these are deeply rooted not only in the political system but in our culture, we define our home states by being either a ‘red state’ or ‘blue state’. We define ourselves just by broad names, Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, Left-wing or Right-wing, nothing that gives us a specific name only some broad word that can mean from hard lined reactionary to barely leaning right wing.

Our Economy currently is in shambles, this is due to personal want compared to taking a step back and looking at the big picture. Personal monetary gain and the idea of wanting more and more dehumanized us only to consume and not to produce. We fail to work together and this weakens us through making us easier to attack through our wants of consumption, we have become reckless with resources and money, wasting them on minor pleasures. The United States is one of the most plentiful nations in the world but we squander our natural resources with inefficient land use, poor land distribution, and a workforce which has to squabble in only the moving of goods compared to taking part in their production. The United States’ service economy damns it to be reliant off other nations’ resources never fully independent. This is problematic, because as the adage goes ‘History repeats itself’ and this shows to be true on how this resembles the time leading up to the Bronze Age Collapse, with the interconnected economies reliant off a few common resources, for the Bronze Age this was tin, in our case it’s oil. This means once one nation starts to cave in they all cave in together, so if one nation that supplies has an internal coup or some violent revolution the world has a violent revolution. Partial autarky is important to reach in this modern era in order to escape the fate of the empires of old. Our economy is also under the stranglehold of the Military-Industrial Complex of which aims to serve itself, again showing the government is only there to serve its members in the name of greed.

Outside of the government’s mismanagement of our economy, the fault can also go on the rich elite who watch out only for themselves and for their god of greed. They are akin to the Spanish first landing in the New World, only searching for gold with a rabid disease killing and enslaving entire groups of people in the name of gaining more and more wealth. They use their class to their advantage using blackmail to silence those that oppose them. When this fails they attempt to use factions of different organizations to silence those who threaten them with physical harm. The elite benefit from infighting among the lower class so they can reap the benefits, distraction of those who are oppressed through pain or pleasure means they stay oppressed.

The military of the United States also benefit from infighting because it now has an enemy to focus on and a group to recruit from to uphold the existing infighting and if the rare occasion one of the factions gets powerful enough to overthrow the existing order then the military can crush it. This is the state of the modern era, one where the elite benefit off of our suffering by pitting us against each other while the elite to distract us with petty rewards and pleasures.

The Cultural Solution

The culture of the United States is one where destruction is common, be it wasting food, destroying land for minor things, once something is no longer of use to us we throw it away. These things have created such a wasteful culture, just because we come from a land of plenty doesn’t mean we should waste it! Our nation has become a landfill of disgusting habits, the only way to clear out this landfill is by defining ourselves by a new culture, something that will reconcile for our wasteful destructiveness.

When creating a new culture we need a solid base to start from. We should use as our base the cultures of antiquity like those in the Roman Republic, the selfless Cincinnatus for example inspired General Washington with his honor for stepping down from unquestionable authority. Those like Numa Pompilius who were able to bring peace to a civilization of murderers, thieves, and rapists not through the harshness of a blade but through religion, faith, and piety. Then there are people like Brutus who put their faith and beliefs before their friends, to the point of joining a assassination of his friend who treated him like a son. Dedication is something we can learn from the Romans through their culture and historical figures.

We are in an era with honor and beliefs are gone, we need to reclaim our honor by bringing back our belief. Honor cannot exist without belief, not just faith in religion but faith in some code to be a guide. All civilizations had some code from the Ten Commandments to Bushido for guidance. These codes aren’t infallible but they give a baseline on what should be expected out of members of society. There should be an attempt to live by some of these codes of conduct, especially those that preach good nature among mankind. It’s best to look back at which of these civilizations were the most successful and how their codes reflected on that. The best places to look towards are the Romans, with how their honor systems, and beliefs guided them to victory.

Codes of conduct do not only mean honor in the sense of a fair fight but they also mean the ideas of humility, comradery, kindness, and the willingness to put needs of others before the wants of oneself. Being able to put others before one's own needs is necessary for the modern world with such hostility between people. Humans need to ensure that we don’t become cold, lacking all empathy for our fellow man regardless of creed, gender, or race.

The Government Solution

Once the personal life is dealt with then it’s onto how the government should function. The government we currently have falters at multiple points with the main disconnect from federal to local levels. Democrats and Republicans are too broad to represent anyone truly, this is the scheme of the two party system with huge parties that are faceless outside of some candidate locally, this scheme is when you can’t represent one community the only community that matters is a company. Why worry about making change that benefits every man when you can make change that benefits the people who line your pockets with gold, all you gotta do is feed off the tradition of voting either Democrat or Republican.

There is a solution for this to stop the companies from paying their way into victory first is to remove the companies, nationalize them and divide them, give their local outposts to the community they are closest to then democratize the place with having workers vote on what goes on inside the factory, office complex, warehouse and so on. Democracy on the local scale is the best thing for a community because only the community knows best for its situation. The idea of kicking out the companies by cutting the head off the snake is rather sound considering how it’s the federal government’s job of redistributing the land to the local communities then the local communities can vote on how the new land should be used to benefit them.

Functionality of the local communities (cities and towns) should consist of a council of twenty people who are elected by the community, one federally appointed executive minister, and one locally elected, these two tribunes will be in charge of the police force and local militia with law enforcement being their main job along with civil protection. The locally elected tribune would be in charge of the militia while the federally appointed would be in charge of the police force. The tribunes have veto power over the council on laws they consider against the will of the state and the will of the people. Judges would be appointed by the Senate and approved by the consuls there, with Judges having a final say on all court and legal matters. The amount of senators there should be is 1 for every ten communities with ten nearby communities coming together in a Tribunal Council and choosing someone to represent them.

The federal government’s composition should be fairly centralized and organized, with one legislative house, the Senate, which makes laws that affect all the communities and executive branch to enforce the laws and the borders of the nation, the Senate should also represent the theocrats of the nation and attempt to enforce the code of conduct of the nation. The judicial branch as it stands should be apart of the legislature with veto power over laws, The judicial branch should be elected by the legislatures. The executive branch should be headed by two consuls chosen by the legislative branch then voted upon by all the locally elected tribunes.. The consuls’ term is for the rest of their lifetime so they can familiarize themselves with the military, infrastructure, and other problems of the nation. The consuls’ should maintain the right to use the military to take over factories and other industries if they fail to meet any necessary quota for a war effort or other integral government project. The consuls are the chiefs of the military, head diplomats, and the heads of industry and it is their job to delegate work respectively either to generals, tribunes, or diplomats so they can act to the best of their ability. The two consuls do have veto powers over one another in military matters, the tribunes have veto powers over the consuls in civil matters so that the consuls cannot overstep the will of the people, this vetoing can equal a general election for impeachment if done ten times over the course of five years this is to ensure that the system doesn’t become an authoritarian mess.

These laws shouldn’t give bias to any community and they should promote good conduct among members of society with protecting those who have suffered under the old regime. The idea of fair laws has been something that is important, the laws should also be made public so no man can be arrested for a law they did not know of. Laws should be publicly posted on the internet, in public parks, and in police stations. These laws that are posted publicly should be simple enough for anyone to understand, this is to make sure no one has any excuses of not knowing the laws.

The federal government should also uphold a national police force while local communities are allowed to organize local militias for governance. The national police should have its lower ranking commanders elected by the police officers within same with them militias, since this is what the Romans did with great success. When appointing tribunes the federal government should keep in mind how this might affect the people who live in the community. tribunes should be an educated technocrat or willing to educate themselves on what needs to be down in the community and should use the local police and militia to do that. For the short term the economy should be changed so that every man, woman and child can get a fair piece of this great land

The future economy should be based off the beliefs of syndicalism, with the workers’ having control over the factories, but goods should still be exchanged on a market. The only industry that should remain under careful watch of the government are all things having to do with infrastructure which the government should manage intimately, also law and healthcare should have some federal management with them taking the state syndicalist route with democratic elections but with overseers who ensure that the work done is good for the community, overseers should be appointed by the local community in an election as well. The market syndicalism and state syndicalism allows the economy to grow and change like in a purely capitalist economy but it stops vultures of capitalist elites, the systems also stop the disadvantages of the command economies, stopping over bureaucratic shops from stopping someone from getting what they need and want.

Foreign policy should work for the nation with it being made by the consuls. The consuls should stick to the idea of expanding the liberty of those who live under their regime, this should be done by incorporating new territories and communities into the confederation which can be done either militarily or peacefully. It is up to the consuls to spread our ideals of honor, good conduct, and freedom throughout this Earth. The consuls should only act on the defense of the nation in war, just as the Romans had many centuries before us, they should not be warlords only acting out of their own greed but they should consider how much human life they will waste in a war. consuls should also protect their homelands economic interests through protectionism and through embargoing nations that endanger the American economy. The consuls represent the nation and should do this accurately, the people of the Americas are bold and proud and our diplomats should represent that.

This system would be a total rewrite of everything, and we should go into how this is done implementation wise. It is important to talk about all aspects of life on how the government should act in all scenarios.

How to Implement

The implementation of the ideology would call for a total rebirth of the nation. The main idea that has been taken up by most ideologies is to change the system with violence, which is a good option when it comes down to it. Removing something rotten to make the object pure again does require someone to cut it out with brute force which is effective. The effectiveness of violence is contrasted with how unpopular it is… No one wants to be a murderer. This is why the idea of violence turns people away from ideologies, only monsters would want to be someone like Stalin, Hitler, or Pinochet. This is the reason that violence should only be used when necessary either in defense of the Party or in offensives against groups that threaten the Party yet do not act.

The Renascentist Party should not shy away from the idea of holding rallies and of having public events, we as a party should be apart of our communities to the fullest extent. If the goal of our party is to empower the community then to ignore the community would be a huge hypocritical action for us to take. This is why we must attempt to do all we can for the community, through helping the poor, building infrastructure, and holding festivities publically for all to enjoy! Building trust between the Party and the communities of the Americas is important for us to succeed in reaching our goals and making life better for all.

The Party shall not shy away from elections and will run in local and state elections. This is to help grow the party and to ease the suffering of those living under the current regime because why let people suffer when we can try to improve their conditions until a greater revolution can happen. Once this political and military revolution occurs we can get to work implementing these policies of culture and government.

The task won’t be easy but we will succeed! It will take blood and sweat but we shall win over the current regime which only causes suffering and pain to those abroad and those at home. The rotten system must fall at all costs, if it doesn’t fall because of an exterior force it will collapse in on itself and then something much worse. The only way to stop such a tragedy is to break down the system prematurely before the greater evil can take its form properly, kill the weed before it’s fully grown; this is our task as Americans to stop such a greater evil from stealing our liberties. We will restore the glory that the Founding Fathers created the United States in and then some; we shall revive the American Dream under a new banner!