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Like any good chan board, it has an anime mascot. Meet Ahri-chan!

REchan is the Reconstruction Era Imageboard. It's barely used but it exists! It has had 6 different boards for most of its life. Being an anime board, it was the main impetus for Flameo to commission an RE anime mascot, known as Ahri-chan. REchan eventually died due to an error with the free imageboard software, being mostly being succeeded by the forum. After a year of inactivity, it was revived on 7/12/2023.

List of Boards

  • General, the only consistently active board. Mostly shitposts with a few mysterious effortposts mixed in.
  • Capybara, literally just pictures of capybaras. At one point flameo manually migrated it from /capybara/ to /capy/ by manually reposting every thread on the new address.
  • Politics, an inactive shithole (by RE standards), making /leftypol/ look like the School of Athens.