Split-off servers

From Reconstruction Era

Split-off Servers are discord servers created by members of the community in order to either undermine Reconstruction Era or just to create an alternative to the main group. Oftentimes they fizzle out or change direction.

Killing It's Attempt

Killing It ran a server called The Clubhouse which sling remained active on despite ongoing drama.

Mop's Attempt

Mop set one of these up way back in 2018 called 'Mop Server'. Everyone was given usernames that were a variation on 'mop', and the community was mostly just used for shitposting. As of today it's mostly dead and called 'Moppo Trap House' (in reference to the podcast).

Tracer's Attempt

Also don't really recall this one but Tracer attempted one with Wouter if I remember properly.

Tay's Attempt

Tay attempted to set up a server called ReRe in order to call out the injustices 1234fireball caused by the failure to act on donations

Ace's Attempt

I remember this but don't recall what Ace set up other than the Miraculous Ladybug discord she was on.

Flameo's Attempt

Once or twice on April Fools' Day, Flameoguy has renamed the main discord and changed the logo to be his flaming legoman profile picture. The changes were immediately reversed the next day. Someday however, Flameocord will rise...