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An iconic image of Fireball created by Sling

In anthropology, a meme is an idea that is passed from person-to-person. On Reconstruction Era, these memes usually take the form of unfunny shitposts.

Here I'll tell you about some memes. This paragraph is technically 'gonzo journalism' because I wrote it in the first person. Sgt. Frog is referenced in some running jokes. Bionicleposting is also a thing. I don't get it. GILF are a forced meme but at this point half the people on the server have a latent granny fetish so I guess that one he here to stay. Anyway that's all the memes I can think of that we have articles for.

Flameo Sgt. Frog is not referenced in "some running jokes" maybe Anime but not fucking Sgt. Frog, the obscure of the obscure.

Listen man you try running a wiki and trying to make a link to everything. The Sgt. Frog article was your fucking idea, maybe you do some goddamn work on it.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

One meme that has made rounds is the LARP Monster. A LARP Monster is someone who participates in political LARP too seriously, or someone in real life who performs in stupid rituals to mimic a previous or current power, usually for their cringe political parties or ideologies. One such LARP monster is the New Zealander Nachoinca, who wears a dress SS uniform around pretending to be the next Hitler. Another LARP Monster would be George Lincoln Rockwell, ran around spewing the most rancid statements, he participated and set up activities to mimic the Nazis. These people act like dorks yet think they are going to rule the world.

Example usage of LARP monster: Someone states the are taking part in GMod RP (serious or not), Response "The LARP Monster", it must be done in a goofy voice (think Muscle Man); If you're watching a fringe political rally (ex. C████ M█████) and they do a cringe opening ceremony, Response "fucking LARP Monsters". Comrade initially brought us this term to describe people on Typhon.

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